Sr. Rosalie Kastner

PLAYGROUND BULLIES – This is a story Sr. Ginny Beene told. Two second graders were fighting on the playground at Holy Trinity in Coldwater. She caught the culprit who started it and said, “Why did you hit him, Leroy?” Now little Leroy had some difficulty in the language. He answered, “Me didn’t hit him, me used a stick.

SIDE VISION – I was one of four girls in the family, the third in line. At the table we would sometime get into arguments. When nobody would give in, I would say, “Wait till we get to Heaven; then we’ll know who’s right.” One time my mom said to me, “Don’t look at her if you get upset.” I answered, “I can’t help looking. I can see her from the corner of my eye!”

TRUE CONFESSIONS – One time, years ago, I was helping at St. Mary’s Seminary in Cincinnati during Christmas break. I wanted to go to confession but didn’t know which part of the makeshift confessional was the priest’s. Unfortunately I chose the wrong side. I almost walked into the priest and sat on his lap. To add to my errors and in my confusion, instead of saying, “It had been 8 DAYS since my last confession, I said, 8 MONTHS!” Father thought he had a big sinner on his hands.