Sister Regina Albers

GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE – There was a pair of gloves lost in Sr. Regina’s first-grade classroom; no one claimed them. They were sent to the next room with a no-claimer. There was a child from a very poor family and I decided to give them to her. To make sure she would not be accused of taking them I held them up saying, “No one says these gloves are theirs, so I am giving them to Rosalee because her hands get cold.” That evening the phone rang and it was a mother. She said, “Do you know what you did, you gave away Dennis’ gloves?” I was very surprised and she then began to laugh. She said Dennis came home and said, “Do you know what Sister did today? She gave away my gloves.” The mother said, “Why did Sister give your gloves away?” Dennis answered, “She kept asking whose gloves they were, but I didn’t want to be the only one to say they were mine.”


HOW CONFUSING! – In St. Christopher in Vandalia, the church was called chapel before the permanent church. Jimmy came to me asking if we were having channels. I didn’t understand. He said, “Channels in chapel.” I finally realized he meant stations in chapel.



TEACH ‘N SNEAK – This happened in Minister; being a public school the state supervisors were coming. The first grade Sister told the children that visitors were coming, and they should simply continue their work. The visitors would just sneak in and sneak out. The supervisors came in. One child held up his hand and said, “Sister, the sneaks are here.”