Sr. Noreen Jutte

CALVARY AND THE ROSE – It was in a first grade classroom and during Holy Week when the teacher directed her students to make a drawing of the religion lesson. The topic was the hill of Calvary with the three crosses and the wonderful follow-up of Jesus coming back to life on Easter. When the children were almost finished with their drawing the teacher went around the classroom. The teacher stopped at one desk and said, “Daniel, tell me about your picture.” Daniel told his teacher all about Jesus dying on the cross and the two thieves on either side. Then the teacher said, “Tell me about the red dots on the side of the hill.” Daniel said, “These (red dots) are roses. You said that Jesus rose from the dead.”


PASSING NOTES? – This first grade teacher taught in a large school. There were three rooms per grade. The primary teachers agreed that when they needed to give a message to another teacher they would send a child with a paper note to another room. In order to speed up the process the children were told to go to the room, knock on the door and walk in. They were not to wait for the teacher to come to the door. So this first grade teacher is ‘teaching away’ and there is a knock on the door. The teacher is alert and learns that no one is coming into the room, therefore it must be an adult visitor. So the teacher stops what she is teaching, goes to the door and there stands a kindergarten student with a note that he hands to the teacher. So the teacher says, “Thank you! Did your teacher tell you that when you bring a note to me you can just knock and come in? You don’t need to wait ‘til I come to the door.” The kindergartner says, “Yes, but you are standing in the way.”


THE PILGRIM’S HAT – Ann, my little niece, came home from kindergarten during the Thanksgiving season and told her little brother, Timmy, all about the Indians and the Pilgrims. Ann gave her little brother the Pilgrim hat that she made in kindergarten. That night Timmy gets ready for bed, he takes his bath and comes out to meet his family wearing the Pilgrim hat (ONLY the pilgrim hat). His mother in a tone of voice that was excited said, “Timmy, go back in your room and get some clothes on.” Timmy very calmly says, “I’m a Pilgrim, and Ann said that the Pilgrims couldn’t go to Wal-Mart to get clothes like we do.”