Sr. Margie Huelsman

Everyone Please Stand! – One Sister and I were sitting next to each other on a chapel bench. It was time for us to stand up. I stood; however, not realizing I was standing my companion poked me and said, “Stand up.” I said, “I am.” (I am really not that short!) Everyone around us laughed. We were glad that the novice mistress had not heard.


Let ‘em Shine, Shine, Shine! – Shoes and more shoes! While in the novitiate it was our job to polish the shoes of all the novices. Can you even imagine sitting down to polish 39 pairs of shoes? And that was only our class. The senior class of novices had equally as many pairs for us to polish. This was certainly an all-day task.


Oh, Such Penance – While aspirants, my friend and I were placing our clothes in garment bags for storage. My friend accidentally fell into her bag and ripped out the entire bottom. As was required of young women preparing for the religious life, we reported the accident to our directors. As a penance we were sent to wash stacks of general dishes, pots, and pans, etc.. However, as we left the directors, we heard them laughing. So, we knew what we had done wasn’t so bad.


Planting People? – My nephew Nicholas had been helping his grandma (my mother) plant potatoes in the garden. The next day my mom and dad took him with them to the cemetery, as the next day they were attending a funeral and wanted to be sure of the location. As they approached the grave site, they saw the men digging the grave. Nicholas looked at my mom and said, “Grandma, where do people go when they die?” Mom said, “To Heaven.” Nicholas thought a minute and then said, “Do they have to plant them first?”