Sr. Margaret Morris

LIFT UP YOUR FEET! – We were sewing in class one day and Sister Marilyn was having a problem at the sewing machine. She called out to Sister Pierre that she could not get the material out. Sister answered from where she was, “Lift the foot.” Sr. Marilyn responded, “I have both feet up and it still won’t come out!”


PEEK-A-BOO! – Sister Madonna Schneider had a visitor one day who brought her two-year-old son along. As the two adults visited she noted the little boy looking at her shoes. Quietly he moved toward her, gently lifting the edge of her long black habit hem. He wanted to see if she had legs!


WHERE’S THE “BIER” – Oh those novitiate days! Sister Nathalia, our novice mistress, sent Sister Helen Theresa to find the “bier” for the Infant of Prague procession. She searched everywhere diligently and reported back that she could not find any “beer” anywhere!