Sr. Katie Lett

READING, WRITING, ARITHMETIC … BATHROOM? – The scene is St. Anthony’s School, Falls Church, Virginia. The time: September 1953. The actors: Sister Audrey, School Supervisor, Sister Adria, principal and Sister Herman Joseph, a brand new teacher for second grade. Sister Audrey had gone over the schedule for the day with Sister Herman Joseph. Religion, Language, Bathroom break, Arithmetic, etc. First week of school: Sister Adria calls Sister Herman Joseph to her office, “Sister, why are your students running back and forth to the bathroom all morning long? This has got to stop.” “Oops!” and the second grade Sister put her hand over her mouth. “That bathroom break was for me? I thought it was for…for…the kids!” Put an obedient little Sister just out of formation into a new situation and she follows orders precisely.

THE WORKER AND THE NUN – Sister Katie was walking down the hall at Salem Heights when a door opened leading into the construction of new apartments. A man, rugged and all dirtied-up from his work, came through the door with a huge drill in his hand. Sister said, “Hey, don’t shoot!” and then “Be careful. We’re all praying for your safety.” He smiled and responded, “I was just talking to my boss downstairs and I said to him, with 100 nuns praying for us, how can we blow this job?” They both laughed and moved on.