Sr. Evelyn Monin

OUT OF GAS! – At St. Frances Xavier School the children left school from the front door. One evening the children were leaving very slowly. A little first grader was holding up the line. The principal inquired, “What’s the trouble?” The first grader said, “I ran out of gas.” The principal gave the first grader a tap on the seat and asked, “Do you think that is enough to get you home?” The child smiled and said, “I think I can.”


SISTER LOST? – Many things can happen during playground duty and wearing a long cape on a windy day while on duty is not the best idea. As I walked around the corner of the church the wind blew my cape high into the air. The cape landed on my head and shoulders. My second graders were helping to get me back together when one little boy said, “Don’t worry, Sister, we’ll find you.”


THAT OLD POTBELLY STOVE AND ME! – One cold winter morning the weatherman announced that a blizzard was heading our way. We lived in a very old convent that was very difficult to heat, so this was not good news. The eight bedrooms upstairs were heated with a potbelly stove that was in my room and I was responsible for keeping it going. When the storm broke that evening I was all ready for the occasion. I had filled the stove to more than capacity with coal and more coal. As it got colder outside, it got warmer and warmer inside. It was so warm that we had to open windows and let the snow blow in. Oh, what a night! The next year the parish built a new convent for us. No, the old convent did not burn down during the blizzard!