Sr. Anne Schiller

PLAYGROUND ARE YOU? – The scene is Christ the King in Denver. The primary grades were looking for some playground equipment. One of the parishioners said that their children had grown beyond that stage and so the school could have the equipment in their back yard. I engineered the deal, and gave the address to the men and within the hour, they had quite a bit of playground equipment on the school yard. That evening the donor called and asked why they hadn’t come that afternoon. I had given the men the wrong address! For sure there was one irate family in Denver that night because a Catholic school stole all of their equipment!


PRANKSTER? – At Queen of Peace convent in Mesa, Arizona, I was home alone when the phone rang. The caller identified himself as an employee of the City Water Works and said the water would soon be shut off. He suggested we fill bathtubs and laundry tubs for the emergency. I complied. The superior, Sister Verena, on coming home was mystified. Shortly after that, the phone rang and the associate priest, Father Horan, admitted he was up to one of his tricks. I had been fooled! In dry Arizona we had to use every ounce of that water for cleaning sheets, blankets, towels, curtains, etc. in the whole convent!