Six words on Catholic Schools

Ernest Hemingway is credited with writing the first six-word story in the 1920s. It was bet he couldn’t resist. Now it’s our turn. In celebration of 2015 Catholic Schools Week, we’re asking for your best 6-word story on Catholic schools. It can be about a person, a memory or an experience. Perhaps a teacher left an impression. Whatever you wish. Nearly 25 people have written so far. Add your own story by emailing it to or post it on our Facebook page. Give it a shot. We love to hear from you!
David: They made me a better person.

Molly C.: Sr. Cecilia was the BEST Principal!

Molly M.: Service in action by Awesome Nuns.

Lise: Dedication proves it will pay off!!!!

Kathy: Catholic Schools educate the whole child!

Judy: Great education, wonderful teachers, equals success!\

George: Backbone and foundation of my life.

Donna: Serving God by serving community…

Gayle: Friendship, acceptance,community, discipline ,faith , caring

Mary Jane: Best school years of my life!

Helen: Catholic School Teachers are God’s BEST!

Juanita: We became sisters for a lifetime. ’76

Joan: Can’t appreciate it until you’re older!

Susan: “A” student expelled as troubled troublemaker!

Carol: Lifelong friendships, experiences, education, faith, memories.

Lise: Dedication proves it does pay off!

Dorie: It made me who I am.

Valerie: We reconnected and are friends FOREVER!

Theresa: Peaceful retreat in a chaotic world

Mary: Forever connected in life and death!!

Theresa: Hidden passages with secret music alcoves

Jerri: Foundation for life.

Maria: It was an outstanding learning journey.

Melissa: Where else could I ever sing and act onstage?

M.l.: St. Mary’s Escondido to SLRA Oceanside CA.

Connie: Twelve years Catholic school, awesome education.

Monica: We are Academy girls, we wear……………….

Mary: Could not get out soon enough!

Connie: Academy, in grateful song we turn …

Joan: Sr. M. Elizabeth, the very best!

Kathleen: Wild, crazy and fun!

Susan: Sr. Virgilia-best teacher ever!

Mary: So what happened to Mrs. Herbig?

Suzanne Kirsh: Sr. Brenda Montiel changed me forever.

Julie: Friends/Sisters/Father Joe – My Lifeline!

Maggie: Love ,education past HS, and BFF’S!

M.L.: Hated boarding,homesick,Oceanside trips on Sat.,in the old station wagon fun.