Sister Virgine Elking

GHOST IN THE KITCHEN – I was missioned to St. Joseph, Missouri, where I was told that I would meet the ghost of Sister M. Olga, who had taught there 50 years. I assumed she was dead. Then one day she appeared at our door! She was real, not dead. Well, she had been sent to be our cook and I’m sure she had never cooked a day in her life. I remember that she served only two kinds of soup: pure and impure. Pure soup was out of a can with some water in it and impure was everything left in the refrigerator,


HOMEWORK! – Teaching sophomores at Chaminade-Julienne High School wasn’t easy. One of the boys approached me one day, “Sister, I’m an atheist. I’m not going to do religion assignments.” My reply: “Bob, you can be an atheist, but you need to do your assignments.” Bob: “I don’t think you understand me. I’m an atheist. Why do I have to do the assignments?” My reply: “Because you are in the band and you have to pass all your subjects.” When Bob got home he told his mother, “Sister said it was okay for me to be an atheist.” Embarrassed she called me back and apologized and insisted he wasn’t an atheist. I replied, “I know. He’s a sophomore and sophomores are their own gods. But he will do his assignments.” AND HE DID!  


OH, WHAT A COOK! – For one year I worked at Maurawood in West Palm Beach, Florida, as a resident treatment specialist with unwed, pregnant teenagers. Among my many responsibilities, I had to help the girls plan one meal a day. Joyce was to make the potato salad. When I sat down to eat, the girls asked, “Do we have to eat this?” Joyce had sliced the potatoes, put them on a piece of lettuce with a dash of mayonnaise. Ugh! I gave her a lesson in making real potato salad. One girl who was to make jello asked, “Sister, how do you boil water?” After one year as a labor coach, chauffeur, Le Maze teacher, and councilor, I was ready to say “good-bye and God bless you all!”


SPUDS ‘N SUDS – When I was in the postulate back in 1948, we had in our class a girl from a very wealthy family who probably was used to having maids in her home. She was sent to the kitchen to work where Sister Pierre told her to wash the potatoes. Her answer: “What kind of soap should I be using?”  (Don’t worry she’s not with us anymore!)