Sister Barbara Jean Backs

Brace Yourself – After a visit to a dentist, I found myself teaching first grade with braces on my teeth. Most of the little ones didn’t seem to notice or at least didn’t comment. One child arrived in school the next morning with a child’s ring wrapped around her teeth. She explained that the dentist put in on “just like Sister’s.”


Mischief Maker – As a child, my Uncle Al was known as the mischief maker in his family. Grandpa had warned the children to stay away from the goose nest in the barn. The goose had laid eggs in a barrel and Al just had to check it out. As he was crawling in, Grandpa entered the barn. With a smile on his face, Grandpa picked up a pitchfork, walked over to the little seat sticking out of the barrel, and gave it a poke. Out of the barrel came an amplified voice: “Help! Help me! The old gander’s got me!”