Protecting the World We Live in

Our world is an awesome gift filled with natural resources that sustain life and beautiful places that fill us with wonder and enhance our happiness. And while the earth provides us with many great things, they do not come without a price. We are responsible for the care and maintenance of our world; to ensure that its gifts are available for the generations that will follow us. We are called by God to be stewards of the land and to do our very best to protect it from harm, so Sisters of the Precious Blood don’t take environmental responsibility lightly. We are active in efforts to preserve natural resources and to create a cleaner, better world — working toward a more sustainable future that is respectful of God’s gifts. Our sisters create positive momentum for the environment through professional and volunteer positions in the sciences and education, as well as by taking active leadership roles that teach responsibility by example.

To view a video presentation on the Precious Blood Spirituality website incorporating environmental responsibility and the Stations of the Cross, click here.

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Coordinator of Peace, Justice and Ecology Ministry

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