A Nun’s Life visit to C.PP.S.

A Nun’s Life Ministry visited the Sisters of the Precious Blood Aug. 28 to host a live podcast as part of a Motherhouse Road Trip. People from around the world tuned into the podcast as Precious Blood Sisters Joyce Lehman and Della Meyer joined hosts Sisters Maxine Kollasch and Julie Vieria. Topics of the hour-long conversation included vocation stories, discernment and life as a Sister of the Precious Blood. Sister Karen Elliott facilitated conversation in a chat room. The podcast can be found at www.anunslife.org.

From left, Precious Blood Sisters Joyce Lehman
and Della Meyer speak with IHM Sister Maxine
Kollasch before the podcast.

IHM Sister Julie Vieria sets up a computer before
the podcast.

Precious Blood Sisters Joyce Lehman with Sister Maxine before the podcast.

A Nun’s Life host Sister Maxine Kollasch during a podcast at Salem Heights.

Precious Blood Sister Joyce Lehman laughs
during A Nun’s Life podcast with IHM Sister Maxine
Kollasch, left, and Precious Blood Sister Della Meyer.

Sister Della Meyer ponders a question during the podcast.

From left, Jane Aseltyne, Precious Blood Sister
Karen Elliott and Franciscan Sister Julie Myers
facilitate the chat room during A Nun’s Life podcast
from Salem Heights.

Precious Blood Sisters wait for podcast to start.