Who is a Sister of Precious Blood?

It is how this transformation from contemplation to action takes place that makes the Sisters of the Precious Blood unique among religious communities. The ministries that flow from Precious Blood Spirituality are as diverse as the personal, educational and professional backgrounds of the Sisters themselves. Today’s Sisters represent everyone from physicians, consultants, managers and organization directors to counselors, educators and outreach professionals. Some of them live in small groups that convene daily for contemplative prayer, while others practice their ministries and contemplative lives singly. Some choose to work in inner-cities; others in rural settings. Some offer external signs of their status as consecrated religious; others choose to be less immediately identifiable. Ultimately, each Sister herself chooses the path for her own ministry, through discernment with her companion Sisters and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Together, they determine where God needs her skills, talents and passion most. Her life is a journey of self-discovery and service to God, leading her, and everyone she meets, to a deeper relationship with God and with the rest of humanity.

Although that journey is at times taken individually, it is never taken alone. Considerable strength for a Sister of the Precious Blood comes from the greater community of Sisters of which she is a part. Whether it is through life together in a shared residence, regular communal prayer, or the renewing of friendships and praying together at regular gatherings of the congregation, the Sisters of the Precious Blood serve as sources of affirmation, encouragement and vitality for one another. They are bonded in relationships as colleagues, aides in discernment, advocates in prayer and cherished lifelong friends. In the face of suffering, injustice and the marginalization of people who work to remedy it, the Sisters of the Precious Blood become indispensable supports for one another as the congregation advances in its collective, life-giving mission.

Life as a Sister of the Precious Blood isn’t for everyone. Like other forms of consecrated life, it requires sacrifices. It also requires a willingness to boldly address injustice and embrace need as prophetic witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ — even when such action challenges convention and creates unease. But for the right woman, life as a Sister of the Precious Blood represents the greatest freedom and fulfillment imaginable: Serving as a life-giving model of Christ’s redemptive love, in a community with cherished lifelong friends, according to the talents, skills and passions that God has gifted uniquely to her.