Temporary Vows and Final Commitment

• A woman professes the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience to God with the Sisters of the Precious Blood.

• During Temporary vows a woman lives in community, continues to learn more deeply the charism, spirituality, and mission of the Sisters of the Precious Blood and integrates herself fully into the life of the Congregation.

• A Temporary Professed Sister would normally hold a full time position.

• Upon mutual discernment, a Sister then enters into the process to request perpetual vows for life-long commitment as a Sister of the Precious Blood.

• After completing the time of temporary vows, a Sister will profess vows forever in community. This is a public, permanent commitment.

• The vows of consecrated celibacy, gospel poverty and apostolic obedience express the fullness of our commitment to God and to the members of the Sisters of the Precious Blood.