Discernment House

Today with fewer number of Sisters it is sometimes difficult for women to notice the possibilities of choosing a communal life. The Discernment House allows women a balance of listening to God, getting to know herself in a religious community, and discerning her values in relationship to the charism of the Sisters of the Precious Blood. The Discernment House provides a community experience for women interested in religious life as a Sister of the Precious Blood and who are engaged in the discernment process.

Our Discernment House offers women an opportunity to live the life of a Sister of the Precious Blood. Women are welcome to share a live-in community faith experience with the two Sisters who permanently live in the house. Living in community means sharing their lives, prayer, household responsibilities, developing friendships and relationship with God.

Requirements of women in the Discernment house:
• Is in active discernment about religious life generally and the Sisters of the Precious Blood specifically.

• Is able to participate fully in the life of the Discernment House community.

• Is financially independent and is able to to contribute to the living costs incurred in the living in the Discernment House.

• Remains in discernment and formation under the direction of the Director of Initial Formation.

Women living in the Discernment House may be members of the Congregation’s Inquiry Program or The Discernment Program. Presently, our Discernment House has women from the United States and Guatemala.