Exploring Your Call

For more than 175 years, women from all around the world of differing backgrounds, ages, and talents — but all united by a desire to know and love God more fully and to bring God’s healing and reconciling love to the rest of humanity — have embraced a calling from God to live as Sisters of the Precious Blood. If you’re reading this page, you may be experiencing that same special calling.

Like any major decision in life, becoming a Precious Blood Sister requires careful exploration, reflection, and prayer. The ‘Are You Called?’ section of our website is intended to help women interested in learning more about life as a Sister of the Precious Blood. By accessing the links in this section, visitors can find:

  • An understanding of what a vocation is, how it is lived out as a Sister of the Precious Blood, and what that means for our prospective members
  • The discernment process for becoming a Sister of the Precious Blood
  • Printed and online resources available to help interested women learn about consecrated life
  • An overview of our Discernment Houses — residences that bring together current Sisters of the Precious Blood and prospective candidates at different points in the discernment process
  • Quick facts about the Sisters of the Precious Blood; our history, our members, our locations, and our ministries
  • Testimonials from actual Sisters of the Precious Blood as well as women who are actively exploring a calling
  • A video about life as a Sister of the Precious Blood

Thank you for your interest in the rich and rewarding lives we embrace in service to God. If you have questions, we encourage you to call or email us. Please know that our entire congregation prays for you as you continue your search to more fully know and love God, and how best to share that love with the rest of humanity.