Walking along the Great Miami River this past Sunday, I came to Poplar Creek and was awed by the beauty of the scene. After several days of deep freeze Ohio, this Sunday in February was a welcome treat with a temperature well into the 50s. As I stood and absorbed the scene, bare trees standing guard along this shallow waterway that just days ago was solid ice, but now was free to continue its journey, I was reminded that a new season was struggling to spring forth. The ongoing struggle for conversion was playing out before my eyes. Concealed by the cold, barren shades of gray is the promise of lush shades of green teeming with life. I am also reminded that I too am called to conversion. The cold sadness that has a hold on my heart right now has to seek the light, the warmth, the God within who will free me to journey on, to be a life-giving presence in a cold, divided world.

- Blog entry and photo by Sister Patty Kremer

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