April 25 homicide vigil

The Sisters of the Precious Blood will lead a prayer vigil April 25, for Dustin Brooks, 27, beginning at noon. We will meet on Salem Ave. near Siebenthaler. Dustin was declared clinically dead on April 14 from injuries sustained in a Salem Ave. shooting. He was the father of six daughters. “He was a family man, you know. He loved his girls,” said his grandfather in a Dayton Daily News article. Dustin had signed paperwork to be an organ donor and his family honored his request. As we gather to pray for Dustin, we will remember all those who loved him and were loved by him, especially his daughters.

We will meet on Salem Avenue, near the corner of Siebenthaler Avenue. The house and adjoining lot is across the street from Popeye’s Chicken. We are grateful to the manager of Rite Aid on the corner of Salem and Siebenthaler for allowing us to use the store’s parking lot – the far end, next to the lot and house at 3801 Salem.